Urubu and the technologies behind it offer a wide range of additional features. On this page we list some possibilities.


All layouts are defined in the _layout subdirectory. They are implemented as Jinja2 Templates. You can modify existing layouts or create new ones. You can use template inheritance to implement just the desired feature in a layout, and reuse everything else from the parent layout.

Templating constructs in pages

The use of templating constructs is not limited to layouts: you can use them in regular pages also. This is a powerful way to define custom syntax extensions. For more info, see Templating constructs in pages.


Urubu was designed to work well with Bootstrap, a framework of ready-to-use website components, style sheets and javascript functions. You can use Bootstrap features to customize your layouts. Alternatively, you can switch to another framework altogether.

Urubu supports Tipue Search, an open source search solution based on Javascript in the browser. Urubu Quickstart has this feature set up. To learn more, read the chapter Search in the manual.


Urubu supports tags. This is described in this faq and in the manual.


If you would like to create beautiful formulas in your Urubu website, check this post.

More info

For more info, start by reading the Urubu Manual.