This page describes some ways to customize the website.


The default theme of Urubu Quickstart is based on the stock Bootstrap theme.

You can easily get a different look and feel thanks to Bootswatch. This project develops a number of themes as drop-in replacements for Bootstrap. Simply set the bootswatch variable in _site.yml to the name of the desired Bootswatch theme, such as flatly, yeti or lumen.

The number of items at the right side of the navbar is defined by the navbar_right_items variable.

A link to a folder in the navbar can optionally be implemented as a dropdown menu. Set the dropdown variable to true in the file of the folder to enable this feature. As an example, see the demo folder and the Demo menu item.

You can also change the look of the navbar by setting navbar_inverse to true.

You can customize the content of the page footer in the _layout/footer.html file.


You can add a simple pager to the page and simple_page layouts by setting the pager variable to true.

More info

For more info on customization possibilties, check the Advanced features page.